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"Hollywood is great at making fake things look real, the church is great at making real things look fake." - Phil Cooke
We have made the decision to be unapologetically simple. Our church is located in Burbank, California which one could make the arguement is home to Hollywood. Many of the major television and film studios call Burbank home.  This means many of the people who live and work in our city are closely connected to 'the industry'.
These talented people work diligently to bring to life new worlds, interesting characters, riviting story lines and have mastered the art of story telling. I am sure you would agree, after all we invite Burbank into our homes everytime we turn on the tv. 
In the beginning days of Legacy Minded Church we made the decision to be different, not necessarily better, just different.   We wanted to create a space that would be an escape, a sanctuary. A space that would not be hindered by production. We didn't want to get caught up in the game of producing church like a show. Let's be honest, even if we wanted to, we couldn't compete with the resources, quality and creativity that our city lives and breathes. Then again, why would we want to?
Our church made the decision to unapologetically simple. Simple in terms of production. We don't need all the hype, flash, lighting cues, production assistants, cameramen, directors, crew, etc... We don't need all the bells and whistles because we SHOULD have something that our city could not create on their own.
As you read through the scriptures it is clear that God moves regardless of 'production', especially when His people were serious, sensitive and surrendered to His prompting. We wanted to be a church that was simple with production while being serious, sensitive and surrendered to the mission God has given to us.
We want to do everything we can to tell the story of Jesus to the city that tells stories. As we live out this mission we have chosen to be simple. I must say this again, we are not saying we are better than those churches who choose to utilize the gifts and talents of those in their church with production elements, we're just different.
For us, simplicity is not a sacrifice of quality but rather an intentional refocusing on the things that can't be produced. As a church we SHOULD have: the Holy Spirit of God among us, a collision of stories of people who have been radically transformed by the work of Jesus, a community of people who are irrationally caring, compassionate, loving, giving and encouraging as well as a passion-filled mission to see that very grace of Jesus unleashed in our city.  These are the elements we HAVE that CANNOT be manufactured or replicated by even the most talented production crew.
If you live in or around the Burbank area, consider this your formal invitation to come be part of our family. We promise you won't be distracted by a 'show' of any kind or feel like you are watching something you could produce on your own.
Don't take my word for it...you can read what other people have been saying about their experience at Legacy Minded Church by clicking this link: Our Stories .
"Hollywood is great at making fake things look real, the church is great at making real things look fake."
That is why we have made the decision to be unapologetically simple.
We meet every Sunday Morning at 10am at the Burbank Adult School located at 3811 W Allan Ave 91505~ No hype. Just Jesus.
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